Wolf Willow Plumbing

Wolf Willow Plumbing

Founded in 2020, Wolf Willow Plumbing aims to create long-term

customer relationships in the Edmonton area.  As a part of HERR ventures inc.  a multifaceted family run business, incorporated since 1996.

Why Wolf Willow?

 The wolf willow tree is a native Alberta tree, also known as the silver berry.  It is known as a "fixing tree". If the surrounding soil is lacking nutrients, the wolf willow tree replenishes the soil.  

We chose the name, Wolf Willow Plumbing 

because this is the goal; to 

build community


renew the neighborhoods 

we work in. 

Got a Question?  Ask, away.

Meet Our Team

Brodie McCullough

Plumbing and Service Manager.

Journey Person, Red Seal Plumber, and Gas Fitter.

Over 10 years experience in the plumbing industry.

Natalie Stauffer

Sales and Design Manager, and Interior Designer with HERR design.  

Randy Stauffer

HERR general Manager.

Journey Person, Red Seal Carpenter, Founder of HERR ventures inc.

Over 40 years experience in the Construction industry

Creator and distributor of the HERR egress window